Clarissa Darling
Gender Female
Age 18
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Family & Friends
Family Marshall Darling (Father)
Janet Darling (Mother)
Ferguson Darling (Brother)
Friends Sam Anders (Best Friend)
First Episode Clarissa's Revenge
Last Episode The Last Episode
Portrayed By Melissa Joan Hart

Clarissa Darling (Melissa Joan Hart) is the tile character, Clarissa, who is a smart, sarcastic and realistic teenage girl. Despite her rationalism, she often tends to exaggerate any problem she's facing. She was approximately 18 years old when the series began and was a 9th grader at Thomas Tupper Junior High.

Her interests include computer game programming, photography, journalism and rock music. Though she is usually mild-mannered, she can be just as selfish and calculating as her younger brother Ferguson. Clarissa is best known for her unique fashion sense, typically involving very colorful, mismatched clothing.

During Season 1 Clarissa had an alligator named Elvis. Elvis disappeared from the show after the first season. In the first episode of season two Clarissa explained that her parents sent Elvis back to Florida when he got too big, Mitchell Kriegmans novel, Things I Can't Explain, Clarissa further elaborated that he "disappeared under mysterious circumstances" and "it took years to get mom to confess that she gave away the reptilian Elvis without telling me after Ferguson tried to shove a pocket watch down it throat thinking it would win him the role of Captain Hook in the school play."